Henlo! c(´•ω•`)

Neutlarva has, for now, been baleeted. I has all the data saved, and backed up. But the thing about this, is, it was just too much of a pain in the ass using a WordPress theme I didn't really care about.

You have these people who make these themes, and they just want to put the branding on them, and it's a pain in my ass to remove. It's much easier to just roll my own, because it keeps on coming back every single tiem it auto-updates.

I was really displeased with how this turned out. I wanted to share nice t'ings, but, sometimes, the Internet makes that hard for you to do.

Neutlarva will one day return, in some form. I know I can do it better. Prolly not at this address, though.

That having been said: to the one dude who kept on trying different password combinations, and getting IP banned for 2 months at a time?

What are you doing? There's nothing in here, my dude.